Maurice Bea

Maurice Bea’s need for speed and love of fast Fords started at a young age in rural Virginia. Like with many drag racers, there are special people that introduce you to racing. For Maurice that was his father, Thomas Bea, and his long time childhood neighbor, TJ Jones.

Pro Stock was king when Maurice got his first racing job. At the young age of 17, Maurice prepared and kept race ready, well known local racer, Prentiss Thompson’s car. As he entered into his twenties, Maurice was given the opportunity of a lifetime to crew chief for TJ Jones’ Ford Probe.

TJ had one of the most competitive pro stock cars in Virginia and competed against legends such as Eli Patrick, owner of Purvis Ford in Fredericksburg, VA.  Always with a winning attitude and combination, the team went on to much regional success with Maurice leading the way.

In 1991, Maurice began living his dream and started driving. With the support of his family and TJ, Maurice became well known for his great driving abilities. He was always first off the starting line and able to navigate the trickiest of racetracks with ease.

The dream continued to grow and flourish for Maurice. With dedication, hard work and the support of his team, Maurice built his first specialty built racecar- a 1998 Ford Mustang, well known as the Silver Bullet for its sleek look. With this car, Maurice entered into competition in the highly competitive arena of IHRA Top Sportsman at select events. Maurice still focused mostly on the local racing events that made him the ‘Killer Bea of Virginia’.

Along the way Maurice has accomplished several key milestones:

  • Francis Butler’s Top Sportsman Shoot Out  Race Winner
  • Participant in Maryland International Raceway (MIR) Frantic Seven
  • Crew Chief for Candyce Marsh Racing, Inc.
  • Best Appearing Car Award, American Drag Racing League (ADRL)


Today Maurice is living his dream and has solidified himself as a key competitor. With his new 2011 Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra nitrous assisted 784  by Buck Racing Engines, Maurice competes at the national level, in the ultra competitive professional category of Extreme 10.5 with the American Drag Racing League.

Away from the race track, Maurice is a program manager & systems engineer of defense management systems for the Navy. An essential component of Maurice’s job is to provide quality, performance, excellence, and reliability in developing the world’s most robust tactical systems to maintain the nation’s security.  Each part of his job is mission critical. His job requires analysis, the ability to perform under pressure to make quick, yet deliberate decisions, as well as interpersonal skills.  These are also critical components in excelling in drag racing. These skills provide an invaluable contribution for Maurice’s need for speed! Quality, performance, excellence and reliability are essential in racing just like with the intricate nature of testing tactical warfare systems.

An engineer at heart, Maurice is always utilizing the most technologically advanced innovations to make his racecar go fast. With that mindset, Maurice’s biggest competitor in the sport of drag racing is himself. While beating the guy in the other lane is always a victory, Maurice challenges himself in being innovative and applying his professional skill set into his racing program. That mentality allows him and MöBea Racing to excel every time they make a pass down the racetrack.

The next generation is lining up! Maurice’s three sons, Maurice Jr (MJ), Cameron, & Davonte are ready to take the Bea name into the next millennium. Most recently, MJ,  majoring in computer engineering, began drag racing motorcycles.

With the DESIRE to COMPETE and the DRIVE to WIN, whether it’s on two wheels or four, the Bea name will continue to strive for perfection in drag racing.